02 Design guidelines

Platform guidelines

When creating boards for landing pages, or other assets it is crucial that the board reflects the real look and feel of our product.

Visual Identity.png

Keep it clean

We show real boards only, no mockups. Remove whatever is not relevant to the board and to your main message, but don’t portray the system in an inaccurate fashion.

Group 1261156539.png
Group 1261156539.png
Group 1261156539.png

No real devices or mockups.
Real devices will only appear as a part of a photographed scene.


Our product is visualy and fun, in marketing we don't use complex real screenshots. We usually use designed boards templates.

Building block cannot be placed without shade underneath.

Line 12.png
Line 12.png
Line 12.png

We only use the general shape of a device,  we want to avoid specificity and old devices versions. 


To emphasis the digital enviroment we always show browser o mobile border (in 40% opacity)

To indicate the place of the board, we’ll add a browser on the top part of the phone (hour, internet, battery)