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02 Design guidelines


Illustrations can be a powerful tool within the branding toolbox of any company.
Illustrations can make complex ideas more accessible, represent our brand personality, voice, and values in an efficient and clear way and create an emotional connection between our users and our brand.

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The Work OS universe

The Work OS universe is a conceptual place where our platform exists. 

In our universe, users can build and create their own workflows.

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Building blocks

Our platform contains building blocks that enable any use case to live on top of it. Each block represents the different widgets, apps, views, and integrations that are available to our users.

Illustration values & principles


The boxes can be different from one illustration to the other, and their order can change as well: This represents the flexibility of our platform.


Gradients connect between two or more colors, just like our platform is helping people and teams to connect and work together. That’s why we decided to use gradients as a visual representation of connectivity in our illustrations and designs.


Just like our platform, the blocks can group together and scale to any size. This represents the growth potential of our platform.


Since our platform enables users to collaborate in a transparent way.

We aim to echo that value in our visuals with transparent layers.

Users and team representation

When to use hands?

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