01 Our brand


We see our Work OS ecosystem as a universe and  upon it everyone can create and build their own ‘world of work’ that fits them.

The Work OS universe has multiple products that, just like a solar system, can contribute to and build off one another.

Each planet, or product, is independent but can work and reach the other.

And everything is built upon  simple-to-use and customizable building blocks.

Group 1261157779.png

Our visual brand represents that approach

Group 1261157835.png

The Work OS visual brand represents a simple, yet fun universe with endless possibilities.


Our universe looks like space, and the Work OS platform is represented as an endless grid.


Data transformation and collaborations between all products / teams and organizations.


Each Work OS product is a layered box with its own unique logo, color and icons. Each box has its own specific, building blocks .