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monday projects logo overview

The favicon shape symbolizes the many parallel projects and work processes that take place in the project management office. The color blue is meant to complement the other product offerings.

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Conceptual cubes

When we speak about projects on a more conceptual level, without talking about specific features, we represent the platform and products with cubes. Ensure that you are using the product colors, its favicon, and that the product name is included on the top side of the cube.

Hand illustrations

We use hands to represent the human element in our product and give our users a place in our brand. When including the hands in your design, they should always be diverse and inclusive.

Logo variations

Built on

If the logo comes after the product logo, add the “Built on” in bold right before the logo.

monday projects colors

The projects product colors are a soft mix of business blue and growth green.

monday projects favicon

We use our logo favicon for the mobile app and for our social accounts.

They should never be used as a stand-alone favicon.