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02 Design guidelines


Our logo is based on our platform's three main statuses, with the three colors representing "Done", "Working on it" and "Stuck".

monday logo.png

Logo construction

Our logo is based on simple shapes. The space between the three elliptical shapes (the monday’s ‘m’) and the letter M creates balance. Optical kerning, refined proportions, and delineated placement in relation to the other elements help to make the logo instantly recognizable in all contexts.

Group 1261156506.png
Group 1261156505.png
Group 1261156507.png
Group 1261156508.png

Placing the logo

When placing's logo next to other brand logos there should be clear spacing between them. The space between logos should be half of the vertical length of logo’s as shown in the following example:

Group 1261156509.png

Logo do's and don'ts

Logo on top of solid color

Our logo colors represent the red ("Stuck"), orange ("Working on it"), and green ("Done") statuses inside the platform. The colorful logo should always be your first choice, however in the case of a colorful background, which will cause the logo to clash or be hard to see, use the black and white version.

Logo on top of an image

When overlaying the logo over photographs or illustrations, use the black and or white capsules (read the guide below), to avoid clutter and improve contrast.

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