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Logo construction

Our logo is based on simple shapes. The space between the three elliptical shapes (the monday’s ‘m’) and the letter M creates balance. Optical kerning, refined proportions, and delineated placement in relation to the other elements help to make the logo instantly recognizable in all contexts.


Main logo


Don’t remove the ‘.com’ from the logo

Don’t tilt the logo


Logo do's and don'ts


Don’t use the typeface without the icon

Don’t deform or manipulate the logo

Don’t display the logo only in one color

Don’t put the text above the symbol

Don’t add too much space between the text and the symbol

Don’t change the proportions

Logo on top of solid color

One color

Our logo colors represent the red ("Stuck"), yellow ("Working on it"), and green ("Done") statuses inside the platform. The colorful logo should always be your first choice, however, one color should only be used in two cases:



Our logo is based on our platform's three main statuses, with the three colors representing “Stuck”, "Working on it", and “Done”.


The best appearance of our logo is on a primary background, with enough clear space.

R97 G97 B255

C78 M67 Y0 K0


R24 G27 B52
C99 M90 Y45 K60

R97 G97 B255

C78 M67 Y0 K0


R255 G255 B255
C0 M0 Y0 K0


When placing our logo on a supportive brand color use a capsule with a darker shade for better visibility.

C100 M0 Y100 K24
Pantone 3500 C


C0 M32 Y100 K10

Pantone 7550 C

C10 M100 Y70 K24

Pantone 207 C

Watermark for video assets

Print requirements

Watermark for video assets

Print requirements

Watermark for video assets

Print requirements

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